Turning Sand into Fertile Soil with applied science

David Clayfield has used applied soil science to create fertile, healthy soils from sand, in turn producing healthy pastures and healthy cows. Faced with rising production costs and animal health concerns, David Clayfield made the link that improving soil health – physically, chemically and biologically – could address the cause of animal health and low […]

Dolling’s Onions Success Story

Brett and Jarryd Dolling, with Production Manager Shane Ebert have focussed their onion production on the quality sector of market and are recognised as a leading Australian supplier of quality onions. Over the past decade Dolling Produce have progressively adopted Regenerative Farming methods and Integrated Pest Management. These new management methods are reaping productivity rewards […]

Regen Farmers Save on N

“In crop” nitrogen management is one of the most critical aspects of regenerative agriculture and one of the easiest to improve upon. The aim is to reduce the total nitrogen use, and still supply the crop with enough nitrogen to reach full yield potential. Broadcast urea is extremely susceptible to volatilisation, antagonisms, leaching as well […]

Next Generation Farm Field Walk – Goomalling, Western Australia

With the trying season regenerative farmers in the area have seen improvements in water holding capacity as well as water use efficiency.      An upcoming bus trip is scheduled for the Goomaling WA area on Wednesday, 7th of October. Ian Clarke is hosting a Next Generation Farm Field Walk with a focus on regenerative […]