Reintroduce cellulose digesting fungi to your farm

Build soil organic carbon

What are The Benefits?

  • Fungi break stubble down faster and use less nitrogen than bacteria.
  • Less nitrogen to be purchased and applied for the following crop.
  • Fungi is a significant contributor to improving soil organic carbon, soil structure and water infiltration.
  • Improved stock performance – ewes and lambs will hold and improve condition grazing on treated stubble.
  • Improve establishment of following crop in stubble by eliminating allopathic inhibition of seedling.

The fungal species used in LawrieCo’s residue management program are hardy, drought resistant and selected from Australian soils.

Fungi is the Carbon Converter

  • In most agricultural soils, bacteria are dominant over fungi and undertake the decomposition process of dry plant matter. 
  • When bacteria break down plant matter, more carbon is lost to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide – an inefficiency in the carbon cycle of our modern agricultural systems.
  • Specific Fungal species are suited to breaking down complex cellulose components of plant residues and will do so quickly and effectively – turning dry plant matter into soil organic carbon.  

The graph shows how each organism uses carbon when breaking down dry plant matter. 

Dry and Unpalatable Pasture?

Dry pasture matter is highly unpalatable for stock due to the cellulose component which prevents animal digestive systems from assimilating nutrients and proteins. 
The Solution:
The fungi break down the cellulose component of dry plant matter and make the protein and nutrients more available. Stock health and condition can be maintained and stock will generally prefer to graze on residue management program treated pastures.
This cost effective approach reduces the need for supplementary feeding giving obvious benefits in both labour and feeding costs.

Suitable for applying to stubble, pastures or dry matter. Download the flyer for details >>>


While not always visible in the paddock, fungi breakdown the cellulose component of dry matter.


Digest Ready flyer

Residue Management flyer

Farmer’s report:

“Our stubble load was too great to manage. We had toxic effect of wet straw killing the next crop. 
So we introduced a program of brewing cellulose digestive fungi to help break down the straw which also became a valuable food source for the sheep.”  
Brian Wilson, Mingay VIC


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