BioMAX Stock Lick

Promotes Natural Rumen Microbial Balance and Health for Improved Feed Utilisation, Year Round.

  • Solid non-toxic stock supplement.
  • Natural binding agent. No Urea.
  • Combines fulvic, kelp and molasses with calcium, amino acids and chelated nutrients, improving livestock condition.
  • Fulvic acid, a powerful natural electrolyte, makes nutrients more available, increasing uptake efficiency.
  • Better feed utilisation.
  • Balance of chelated nutrients.
  • Quality for results and palatability.
  • Promote optimal rumen function and biota with humic and fulvic.
  • Calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and sodium have roles in growth and maintenance of bones, teeth, nervous system, muscle function, cardiac function, electrolyte balance and metabolism.
  • Amino acids have roles in protein synthesis, hormone release, immune response, feed conversion, nitrogen balance in tissues and energy production.
  • Trace elements have roles in lactation, reproduction, metabolism, thyroid function (iodine), bone/tissue development and maintaining hair, skin and hooves.
  • Potassium helps maintain digestion and utilisation of other nutrients.

Typical Analysis (w/w)

Calcium21 g/kg
Sodium230 g/kg
Phosphorous8.3 g/kg
Magnesium7.4 g/kg
Potassium5.4 g/kg
Total Amino Acids8320mg/kg
Iron850 mg/kg
Zinc190 mg/kg
Copper39 mg/kg
Boron4 mg/kg
Selenium2.2 mg/kg
Iodine1.5 mg/kg
Cobalt0.99 mg/kg


Ideal for use all year round, animals will generally self regulate

Sheep / Goats / Alpacas

Provide 1 block for each 100 head, replace as necessary. (One block will normally last about one week.) Usual intake: 14-30 g/head/day.


Provide 1 block for each 40 head, replace as necessary. (One block will normally last about one week.) Usual intake: 35-70 g/head/day.


Provide blocks, replacing as required.


Clean Skins Available

  • Convenient, minimal packaging
  • Economical pricing
  • Pallet stacks for easy transfers
  • 0.25T, 0.5T & 1T stacks

Links & Downloads

BioMax Stock Lick Flyer

BioMax Stock Lick SDS

Further Information

This product is ideal for use to supplement diets where mineral levels may be low.

Store in a cool, dry location. Ideally below 30C.

Does not contain restricted animal material.

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