Dolling’s Onions Success Story

Brett and Jarryd Dolling, with Production Manager Shane Ebert have focussed their onion production on the quality sector of market and are recognised as a leading Australian supplier of quality onions. Over the past decade Dolling Produce have progressively adopted Regenerative Farming methods and Integrated Pest Management. These new management methods are reaping productivity rewards beyond expectations.

     “We have seen our business progressively improve over the past 10 years. We will not be going back to the conventional chemical dependence farming that was once the norm.”

     “There are a lot of positives in our business, that without Regenerative Practices we would not be enjoying.” Production Manager, Shane Ebert comments. “In the past only the best sections of the farm had onion crop uniformity. Regenerative Farming technology has delivered consistent healthy onion crops and lifted productivity across the entire paddock.”

     “The human and soil biology impact is positive, with less chemicals in our workplace. Employees enjoy spraying biological nutrition products and least toxic inputs “.

     Jarryd Dolling is increasingly involved in management aspects of Dolling Produce and was recently appointed as a Board member of industry peak body, Onions Australia.

     “It puts a spring in your step to no longer be destroying soils. Our experience finds many chemical farming methods, are not real solutions. Now we address problem causes, from the soil up. It is pleasing to see the achievements from our regenerative agriculture production methods. “

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