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Setting up your plant with an optimum “rhizosphere” – that’s the zone directly around the plant roots, with a microbially diverse environment and biology stimulants. Is key to cutting through the soil chemical P lock-ups and harnessing the ability of biology to scavenge and solubilise P and other locked up nutrients.

LawrieCo’s SureCrop VAM & SureCrop PRIME seed treatments are powerful Biostimulants; used to nurture your existing soil biology reserves, also topping up the rhizosphere with specific beneficial biology: Trichoderma, bacillus and in SureCrop VAM – mycorrhiza.

Vesicular-Arbuscular Mychorrizal (VAM) Fungi are naturally occurring fungi that form a beneficial association with plant roots enhancing the plant’s mineral absorption and access to moisture. VAM can increase access to nutrients (P in particular) and moisture from 100 to 1000 times.

Seed treated with mychorrizal fungi colonise on the root hairs and permeate deep into the soil structure seeking out moisture and nutrients. Mycorrhizal fungi are naturally occurring fungi that form filaments extending extensively beyond root structure, and access nutrients and moisture that roots alone cannot, specifically phosphorous and zinc.



SureCrop VAM is applied at 10L/T of seed to cereal crops, 6-10 L/ T of seed on Legumes, up to 40L/T on pasture seed, 5 L/Tonne on Potatoes, and 40 L/T in onions.

Use SureCrop PRIME at 10L/T of seed on non- Mycorrhizal crops such as canola and in situations where high levels of endemic Mycorrhizal fungi is already present.

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SureCrop PRIME & VAM Seed treatments

  • Build robust plants with enhanced root structures

  • Optimise Plant Rhizosphere activity

  • Access locked-up Phosphorus, nutrition & moisture

  • Setup the plant’s soil carbon liquid pathway

Most available soil tests now give data on Phosphorus (P) Stores in your soil, also the PBI (Phosphorus Buffering index) test shows how much of this P is accessible.

For many farms we visit we find good P reserves in the soil, however the PBI value is high, indicating access to reserves of P are poor. The major causes of these are high calcium, high iron, high aluminium and poorly balanced soil biology.

Thus, the P your crop requires is there, in your paddock, but locked-up, so we annually apply more.

Soluble Humate Granules & Prills

  • Use with Granular fertilisers such as MAP to improve fertiliser efficiency / reduce lockups

  • Powerful chelators, chemically bonding with nutrition to assist plant uptake.

  • Stimulate beneficial soil biology and support the rebuilding of beneficial soil fungi.

  • These humus compounds, in our low- carbon soils, perform the function of humus, which is key to plant health and soil moisture holding.

  • Open up the plant, liquid carbon pathway, assisting soil carbon storage of plant sequestered atmospheric CO2.

Increasing root mass with SureCrop seed dressings and Soluble Humate Prills / Granules is a key step to growing more soil carbon and accessing locked-up nutrients.

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LawrieCo 6 Steps

LawrieCo’s Soil Carbon Regeneration System Incorporates biological applied science and regenerative bio fertilisers. It’s the science that makes building soil carbon possible.

LawrieCo’s passion for rebuilding soil carbon dates back to prior to the formation of LawrieCo as a company. Back to the days when the ‘R&D’ to farm sustainably and to build fertility happened on Adrian Lawrie’s broadacre cropping property on the edge of the Flinders Ranges. At this early stage the key drivers for rebuilding soil carbon were its value in building fertility, water-use efficiency and it’s link to improved farm gross margins.

Our 22+ years of Research and Product Development has culminated in a suite of products that support soil carbon regeneration whilst maintaining / boosting the productivity of your enterprise.

Our carbon crediting program is world class connecting growers with rigorous the Federal Government Emission Reduction Fund, ensuring the viability of credits issued.

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