NutriMAX Advance

Phosphorus 10% and Potassium 9% balanced with Nitrogen 2.6%, Calcium 3% + biostimulants

  • Foliar applied nutrition and biostimulants for yield and quality potential in all crops, pastures, viticulture, horticulture and turf.
  • Biologically enhanced with kelp, natural plant hormones, saponins and amino acids for improved plant metabolism and balanced nutrition.
  • Microbe Base of natural biostimulants to prime the plant to accept increased nutrition for improved uptake and efficiency . . . making every drop count!
  • Developed particularly for P and K hungry crops, such as lucerne.
  • High quality biostimulants to promote balanced growth and natural plant processes.
  • Increase potential produce or crop quality and pasture feed value.
  • Improve soil nutrient uptake through carbon dumping.
  • Containes food sources to promote beneficial biology.
  • Contains natural wetting agents such as saponins.
  • Balanced nutritional applications.


Typical Analysis

Nitrogen as nitrate2.6%
Phosphorous as water soluble10.0%
Potassium as phosphate9.05%
Calcium as nitrate3.21%



Cereals / Canola2-5 L/Ha
Legumes (Beans/Peas/Lupins)2-5 L/Ha
Pasture / Lucerne2-5 L/Ha
Citrus3-10 L/Ha
Vines3-5 L/Ha
Potatoes / Onions / Carrots3-10 L/Ha
Turf10-25 L/Ha
Fertigation5-25 L/Ha
BioMAX Liquid Fulvic (Optional for increased plant uptake)1-3 L/Ha
Rates may change depending on crop and season. Always consult a LawrieCo area manager or distributor for specific recommendations.

Biostimulants prime the crop for nutrient uptake . . . Naturally!

Compounds such as kelp hormones, saponins, amino acids and microbial metabolites trigger plant processes that result in greater nutrient uptake, increased carbon dioxide intake and photosynthetic activity. This induces growth in the plant.

When plant stimulants are combined with nutrition, the plant is triggered into a more produtive mode ready to accept the increased level of nutrition, resulting in greater plant health and productivity.


Links & Downloads

Click here for details on your local LawrieCo Area Manager

NutriMAX Advance Flyer including application timing details

NutriMAX Advance SDS


Further Information

Available in 20L, 200L, 1000L

Check label for more detailed application and handling informa

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