Agi-Mate is durable & efficient and is suited to a wide range of agitation purposes. Specifically designed to safely and easily agitate IBC shuttles of agricultural and industrial chemicals and fertilisers. The unique design allows the operator to effortlessly mix products before use to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity is obtained, with most liquid products requiring less than 1 minute  to achieve adequate agitation.

FlowMAX1000 240V .55kW TWIN

High power IBC agitator, suitable for mixing and manufacturing. Low to Highly viscous liquids. 

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FlowMAX 1000 240V IBC Agitator

FlowMAX 1000 240V Agitator Stainless steel 101mm diameter 3 blade shielded impeller with 12.7x930mm shaft. Connected directly to the 0.37 kW  240V AC motor with a polypropylene fastening boss that screws directly onto a standard IBC.

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FlowMAX 1000 Drill Drive Mixer

Designed to quickly and efficiently mix 1000L IBC containers. Suitable for the toughest mixing. 

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FlowMAX 200 Drill Drive Mixer

FlowMAX 200L Drill Drive mixer. FlowMAX drive assembly with FlowMAX 51-20 200L mixing head. Connects directly to your drill.

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FlowMAX 45-400 20L Drum Agitator

FlowMAX 20L Drum Agitator 45mm diameter 3 blade shielded stainless steel agitator. 6x400mm shaft. Fits directly to your drill.

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LawrieCo 6 Steps

LawrieCo’s Soil Carbon Regeneration System Incorporates biological applied science and regenerative bio fertilisers. It’s the science that makes building soil carbon possible.

LawrieCo’s passion for rebuilding soil carbon dates back to prior to the formation of LawrieCo as a company. Back to the days when the ‘R&D’ to farm sustainably and to build fertility happened on Adrian Lawrie’s broadacre cropping property on the edge of the Flinders Ranges. At this early stage the key drivers for rebuilding soil carbon were its value in building fertility, water-use efficiency and it’s link to improved farm gross margins.

Our 22+ years of Research and Product Development has culminated in a suite of products that support soil carbon regeneration whilst maintaining / boosting the productivity of your enterprise.

Our carbon crediting program is world class connecting growers with rigorous the Federal Government Emission Reduction Fund, ensuring the viability of credits issued.

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