Creating wealth from soil,
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LawrieCo works with farms across Australia to produce better quality soil and plant performance enabling them to produce better quality crops, higher yields, healthier animals and importantly, increase water retention and build soil carbon. All of which result in greater returns for the farmer.

We believe for any farmer; soil is our greatest asset.

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May Newsletter 2022 Sowing season is here & end of vintage post harvest fertiliser options Are you ready for this

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Product Spotlight

NutriMAX PhosCal

Micronised Calcium 26%  Phosphorus 12%  Silica 7%  Boron 1.5%

Complexed with Fulvic 2% & Biostimulants

  • Results in greater yield potential and quality across crop types.
  • Formulation has an ideal bionutrient sequence for plant uptake of nutrients
  • Maintain ideal plant pH balance when phosphorus is alkalised with calcium.
  • Silica aids plants natural response to pest and disease pressure.
  • Calcium and silica build cell strength for improved plant health, produce quality and natural response to pest and disease pressure.
  • Efficient plant uptake with natural fulvic chelation.
  • Silica and boron synergise with calcium and improve its uptake by plants, the start of bionutrient sequencing.
  • Excellent P source for legumes and pulses.
  • Micronised minerals and complexed with fulvic allows high concentrations of normally incompatible nutrients to be held in suspension.

BioMAX F75 Fulvic

Fulvic Acid 75% – Natural Chelate enhances Nutrient Uptake

  • Maximise liquid fertiliser nutrient efficiency.
  • Fulvic’s unique ability to form multiple strong bonds with minerals ensures nutrient efficacy and plant uptake.
  • Buffer against high salts and other toxicities in water and soil.
  • Improve nutrient uptake for stronger plants.
  • Trace elements available for a longer period.
  • Aids plant recovery from stress due to moisture, disease, frost or heat.
  • Promotes natural plant processes of chelation and improved uptake of nutrients.
  • Buffers against ‘burning’ with foliar applications.
  • Enhances cell reproduction and root growth.
  • Can be used during prolonged low sunlight or cloudy periods to enhance photosynthesis.
  • Can detoxify pollutants and chemicals in soil and catalyse rapid breakdown of toxins; reducing soil life damage.


Balanced Guano, Nitrogen, Sulphur and Humic Compund Granule

4.5% Nitrogen 8% Phosphorus 5.8% Sulphur 18% Calcium 9% Silicon 3% Humic

Mineral sulphates for rapid plant absorption.

Humic builds soil water holding capacity and stimulates beneficial soil biology

  • Calcium and silicon build cell strength for improved plant health, produce quality and natural response to pest and diease pressure.
  • Silica in combination with phosphorus will improve plants uptake of phosphorus.
  • Humic also has pH buffering capacity and can reduce nutrient lock-ups associated with soil pH extremes.


Firstly we got our soils right - Then our pastures had good sugars and nutrients resulting in a healthy plant and healthy cattle. We noticed the cattle required less supplementary feed when our pasture sugar levels were hight. We also found we used less water on the pivot irrigation because the soil held moisture better.

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