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Continuous Improvement

We look for continual improvement and innovation in our product offering and service to farms we work with.
All of our products are a result of extensive research and development, with more than 20 years of successful results across Australia.

Our research partners have included Brown Coal Innovation Australia, Peracto, SoilsForLife an Outcomes Australia Project, Kalyx, Lucerne Australia, Jolpac Rural Supplies, PIRSA, DPI Vic and regional agronomists.

2020 Almond Trial, Piangil, Victoria – Nutrition program builds Soil Carbon & Boosts Almond Yield

2020 Barley Trial, Mid North SA – Yield Increase with BioMAX Humate Prill

2020 Faba Bean Trial, Maitland SA – Yield Increase with PhosCal

2018 Nutrition in Citrus, Waikerie SA – Increase Fruit Size Distribution and Returns

2017 Faba Bean Trial, Bordertown SA – Yield Increase with PhosCal

2013 Nitrogen Efficiency in Wheat, Tarlee SA – Yield and Grain Quality improvement with Soluble Humate

2010 Flagship Barley Trial, DPI Horsham Vic – Highest Return on Nutrient Investment

Biological Pasture Trials – Hillcrest Pastoral LawrieCo, 2012

The Atze Trial Model – A Practical Paddock Scale Trial Method developed by Barry and Tim Atze, Pinnaroo, SA, 2009

Biostimulants: What’s behind the name? Excerpt from New Ag International journal, Nov/Dec 2012

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Glomalin: Hiding Place for a Third of the World’s Stored Soil Carbon. USDA Research

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