BioMAX 100% Soluble Fulvic Powder

82% Fulvic. Natural Chelate Enhances Nutrient uptake.

Improve plant uptake of fertiliser with fulvic.

Budget friendly powder: 2kg = 20L of 8.2% fulvic liquid.

  • Maximise liquid fertiliser efficiency.
  • Fulvic’s unique ability to form multiple strong bonds with minerals ensures nutrient efficacy and plant uptake.
  • Buffer against high salts and other toxicities in water and soil.
  • Trace elements available for a longer period.
  • Aids in plant recovery from stress due to moisture, disease, frost or heat.
  • Buffers against ‘burning’ with foliar applications.
  • Enhances cell reproduction and root growth.
  • Can be used during prolonged low sunlight or cloudy periods to enhance photosynthesis.
  • Can detoxify pollutants and chemicals in soil and catalyse rapid breakdown of toxins; reducing soil life damage.
  • Compatilbe with most inputs – acid or alkaline (see label for details)

Typical Analysis

Fulvic Acid82%
pH5.0 – 5.5
Water solubility99.5%


Foliar Application Rates 
Cereals / Canola1 – 3 L/Ha
Legumes (Beans/Peas/Lupins)1 – 3 L/Ha
Pasture / Lucerne1 – 3 L/Ha
Citrus / Vines2 – 5 L/Ha
Potatoes / Onions / Carrots2 – 5 L/Ha
Turf2 – 5 L/Ha
Fertigation2 – 5 L/Ha
Foliar nitrogen1 L : 10 N
Rates may change depending on crop and season. Always consult a LawrieCo area manager or distributor for specific recommendations.

Strong Chelate with Multiple Bonds

A high concentration of cation bonding sites gives fulvic the ability to form stronger multidentite bonds (>2). This chelates minerals and trace elements, transporting them into the plant cell structures in a highly available form.

Links & Downloads

Click here for details on your local LawrieCo Area Manager.

BioMAX 100% Soluble Fulvic Powder flyer including application timing and mixing rate details

BioMAX 100% Soluble Fulvic Powder SDS

Organic Certificate

NOP Compliance Letter

Further Information

Available in 20L, 200L, 1000L

Check label for more detailed application and handling information.

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