BioMAX Digest Kicker

Liquid Kelp, Nitrogen, Fulvic & Molasses

  • Acts as a potent Digest Fungi stimulant and food source for fungi and other DIgestion microbes.
  • Quality liquid kelp source providesa wide selection of stimulatory amino acids and essential trace minerals for more assured digestion fungi reproduction.
  • Fulvic acid has a high natural chelating and complexing agent, enabling efficient nutrient bonding and absorption.
  • Readily available and stabilized nitrogen source further promoting microbial digestion.
  • Molasses and kelp provide valuable carbohydrates and with nitrogen provide an immediate energy source for cellulose digesting fungi. The carbohydrates also stimulate the plant growth promoting bacteria in the soil.
  • Addition of digest fungi and digest kicker combination to stubble and plant residues offers improved soil structure for better water and oxygen infiltration. This results in improved root penetration into the soil with water, gas and nutrient exchange increased in the rhizosphere.

What is LawrieCo’s BioMAX Digestion Program

A brewed blend of cellulose digesting fungi and additional microbial food sources is applied to stubble, pasture or other residues to promote microbial activity and decomposition. The primary role of the digestion program is to breakdown plant residues, converting them into stable and useful forms of organic carbon, most importantly humus.

Typical Analysis (w/v)

Total Nitrogen16%
Iron6 ppm
Zinc1.5 ppm
Boron6 ppm
Molybdenum3 ppm
Cobalt0.2 ppm
Tri-indole acetic acid75 mcg/L
Cytokinins13 mcg/L
pH4.8 – 5
Specific Gravity1.22
Minimum Filter50 Mesh

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BioMAX Digest Kicker including application timing details.

BioMAX Digest Kicker SDS

Availale in 5L, 10L, 20L, 200L & 1000L containers.

Check label for more detailed application and handling information.

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