BioMAX Liquid Fulvic

Fulvic Acid 8%. Natural chelator enhances nutrient uptake

  • Maximise liquid fertiliser nutrient efficiency.
  • Buffer high salts and other toxicities.
  • Aid plant resilience to moisture stress.
  • Natural chelation and improved uptake of nutrients.
  • Trace elements more available for a longer period.
  • Compatible with most inputs – acid or alkaline (see label for details).
  • Aids plant recovery from stress due to moisture, disease, frost or heat.
  • Buffers against ‘burning’ with foliar applications.
  • BioMAX Liquid Fulvic has a CEC of 1500 and very small molecule size, optimising chelation.
  • Enhances cell reproduction and root growth.
  • Can be used during prolonged low sunlight or cloudy periods to enhance photosynthesis.
  • Can detoxify pollutants and chemicals in soil and catalyse rapid breakdown of toxins; reducing soil life damage.
  • Extracted from lignite brown coal.

Typical Analysis

Fulvic Acid (as Potassium Fulvate)

pH3.85 – 4.15


Seed Dressing
1-2 L/T
Foliar Application Rates
Cereals / Canola1-3 L/Ha
Legumes (Beans/Peas/Lupins)1-3 L/Ha
Pasture / Lucerne1-3 L/Ha
Citrus / Vines2-5 L/Ha
Potatoes / Onions / Carrots2-5 L/Ha
Turf2-5 L/Ha
2-5 L/Ha
Foliar Nitrogen1 L : 10 N
 Rates may change depending on crop and season. Always consult a LawrieCo area manager or distributor for specific recommendations.

Fulvic with High Purity and Compatibility

BioMAX Liquid Fulvic is more biochemically active and has high compatibility in tank mixes. The higher cation exchange capacity, soil mobility and biostimulation in plants is a result of it being a low molecular weight potassium fulvate that is high in reactive oxygen functional groups. The methods we use in the fulvic extraction from lignite, increases these important oxygen functional groups.

During the separation process we remove all of the brown/black humic acids to produce a purified product of concentrated fulvic acids with the highest possible liquid fertiliser compatibility and a high degree of chelation and penetration.

Links & Downloads

Click here for details on your LawrieCo Area Manager.

BioMAX Liquid Fulvic Flyer including application timing details.

BioMAX Liquid Flyer SDS

Further Information

Available in 20L, 200L, 1000L

Check label for more detailed application and handling information.

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