BioMAX Micro Life

Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi Inoculum

  • Stimulate plant growth and beneficial microbial activity.
  • Billions of beneficial micro-organisms to re-populate soil and plant tissue
  • Nitrogen fixation, phosphorus availability, improve nutrient uptake by plants.
  • BioMAX Micro Life and MicroLife Food is a beneficial biology culture containing naturally selected microbial species designed to stimulate plant growth and beneficial microbial activity. 
  • BioMAX  MicroLife contains specifically selected strains of Azotobacter, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Trichoderma and other selected species
  • The multiple benefits of these species include nitrogen fixation, humus production, improved phosphorous availability, increased nutrient uptake (from soil and through the plant leaf) and a natural pest and disease protection mechanism through competition.
  • Combined with balanced nutrition and food sources in a foliar or fertigation application, fermented BioMAX MicroLife is a cost effective boost to natural plant growth and pest and disease response.


Use LawrieCo’s MicrobePump to prepare the BioMAX Micro Life ferment.
Mix Micro Life at a proportion of 1kg per 2000L warm (25-28oC) water. 
Add 3.8L of BioMAX Micro Life Food and provide good aeration to the liquid for 24 hours while maintaining the temperature between 25 to 28oC.  
Use clean equipment and water with no chlorine present. 
For full instructions contact LawrieCo.



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BioMAX MicroLife including application timing details

BioMAX MicroLife SDS

BioMAX MicroLife Food SDS

Available in 1kg and 8kg containers. BioMAX MicroLife food available in 3.8L.

Check label for more detailed application and handling information.

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