BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill

Concentrated 50% humic to stabilise and chelate nutrients for improved plant uptake 

  • New coating technology delivers free-flowing prill with low dust ideal for use with air seeders, augers or cone spreaders.
  • Increase efficiency of fertiliser such as NPK.
  • Build soil water holding capacity.
  • High levels of humic acid are beneficial in soil remediation including low carbon, compacted, salt affected and sandy soils.
  • Stimulates beneficial soil biology.
  • Humic and fulvic are natural chelators and complexing agents increasing nutrient abosrption from fertilisers.

  • Use with fertilisers (including urea/DAP/MAP/Guano/lime) to stabilise and enhance productivity.

  • Improves water holding capacity and assists soil wetting.

  • Complexes with phosphate reducing lock-up.

  • Buffers excess salt, chemical residues and heavy metals.

  • Humic also has pH buffering capacity and can reduce nutrient lock-ups associated with soil pH extremes.

  • Retain and promote building of soil carbon.

  • Promotes seed germination, early root growth and mass.

  • Natural growth stimulants enhance cell reproduction.

  • Humic is a fungal stimulant. Beneficial fungi are the missing biological link in many agricultural soils. 

Typical Analysis (w/w)

Total Humic Acid Extract (dry basis)50% min
Moisture15% max
Prill Size2-4mm
Water Solubility70% min


Apply with granular# and solid fertiliser at 5-30% of total application
Crop/Pasture (Low/Med Rainfall)5-20 kg/ha
Crop/Pasture (High Rainfall / Irrig)10-40 kg/ha
Horticulture10-50 kg/ha
Vines10-50 kg/ha
Tree Crops10-50 kg/ha
Turf10-50 kg/ha
Lime applications1-10%
High levels of humic acid are extremely beneficial in remediation of low carbon soils, sandy soils or soils affected by salt, compaction and other toxicities. Refer to flyer for remediation rates.
#BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill is recommended for air-seeders, augers or cone spreaders.
Rates and timings may change depending on crop and season.
Always consult a LawrieCo area manager or distributor for specific recommendations.


Build Soil Structure and Water Holding Capacity!

Humic improves soil structure through stimulation of biological activity and processes (especially fungal). Biological processes naturally build a crumb like structure in soil aggregates for good root penetration, better oxygen intake and water holding capacity.

Plants with more roots, water and oxygen in the root zone make a big difference in times of crop or plant stress. e.g. dry conditions and pest or disease pressure.

Links & Downloads

BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill Flyer including application timing and remediation rate details.

BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill SDS.

Organic Certificate

NOP Compliance Letter

Further Information

Available in 25kg bags and 1 tonne bulka bags.

To be stored in a clean, dry, well ventilated and dark place.

Click here for details on your local LawrieCo Area Manager.

BioMax Soluble Humate Prill and Crop Establishment

NutriMAX is a next generation fertiliser formulated for crop establishment; Supply your crop with nutrient balance (NPKS) based on MAP / DAP / SOA.
Plus it’s nutrient uptake technology will maximise return on your investment.
NutriMAX’s nutrient bonding capability is based on carbon (humic) and delivered in a unique prill. The BioMAX Soluble Humate prill is designed to ensure simple hassle-free application of NutriMAX, with maximum crop nutrition and growth benefits.

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