HumiPLEX Horti Trace + FE

Broad spectrum of 7 traces complexed with Fulvic and Biostimulants

Iron 4%, Zinc 4%, Manganese 3%, Copper 0.6 ,  Boron 0.3%, with Moly and Cobalt.

Mineral sulphates for rapid plant absorption.

A microbe base of natural biostimulants, making every drop count.

  • Balance trace element levels and address deficiencies.
  • Molybdenum and cobalt for essential plant functions – improve flower holding and reproductive processes.
  • Fulvic keeps trace element sulphates available for longer.
  • Biostimulants to optimise plant health and growth.
  • Natural uptake and wetting agents enhance spray efficiency.
  • Fulvic buffers against ‘burning’ with foliar applications.
  • With a CEC of 1500 and tiny molecule size, fulvvic provides natural chelation and improved nutrient uptake.

Typical Analysis




Foliar Application Rates  
Minimum Dilution Rates1:10 
Cereal / Canola2-5 L/Ha 
Legumes (Beans/Peas/Lupins)2-5 L/Ha 
Seeding (In Furrow)3-5 L/Ha 
Pasture / Lucerne2-5 L/Ha 
Citrus 3-10 L/Ha 
Vines3-5 L/Ha 
Potatoes / Onins / Carrots4-8 L/Ha 
Turf5-10 L/Ha 
Fertigation5-15 L/Ha 

Rates may change depending on rop and season. Always consult a LawrieCo consultant or distributor for specific recommendations.


Make Every Drop Count

Nutrient components of liquid fertilisers account for 45-60% of total volume. Normally most of the remaining volume is just water to solubolise the minerals within.
HumiPLEX liquids are different. They are made with a microbial liquid base containing by-products (metabolites) from beneficial soil microbes… also known as biostimulants. The product is filled with natural plant growth hormones, vitamins and immune enhancers.

The combination primes plants to accept nutrition for improved uptake and efficiency… making every drop count!

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HumiPLEX HortiTrace+FE Flyer including application timing details

HumiPLEX HortiTrace+FE SDS

 Further Information

Available in 20L, 200L & 1000L containers.

Check label for more detailed application and handling information

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