HumiPLEX Mang Zinc Copper

ZMC – Zinc, Manganese and Copper PLUS Fulvic Chelate and biostimulants

Zinc 60g/L (6%), Manganese 80g/L (8%), Copper 20g/L (2%) and Fulvic 16g/L (1.6%)

  • Fulvic’s unique ability to multiple strong bonds with trace minerals ensure nurient efficacy and plant uptake
  • Mineral sulphates for rapid absorption
  • Biostimulant base for plant health

PLUS Strong Fulvic Chelate

Fulvic is a powerful natural chelator improving the delivery and efficacy of foliar applied nutrients. It chelates by forming multiple strong bonds with trace elements and its low molecular weight facilitates the direct uptake of nutrients across the plant leaf membrane with reduced risk of leaf burn.
In the paddock the result is greater crop health, quality and yield potential.
The fulvic in HumiPLEX is made in Australia, extracted from peat and lignite brown coal.

Typical Analysis

pH1.15 – 1.45

Make Every Drop Count

Nutrient components of liquid fertilisers account for 45-60% of total volume. Normally most of the remaining volume is just water to solubolise the minerals within.
HumiPLEX liquids are different. They are made with a microbial liquid base containing by-products (metabolites) from beneficial soil microbes… also known as biostimulants. The product is filled with natural plant growth hormones, vitamins and immune enhancers.
The combination primes plants to accept nutrition for improved uptake and efficiency… making every drop count!

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HumiPLEX Mang Zinc Copper SDS

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