Integrating Biological Inputs Across WA Wheatbelt

Ian Clarke of Goomalling has been working with LawrieCo Area Manager Rodney Capon in the 2018 season on integrating biologicals into current crop fertiliser inputs with farms across the WA wheatbelt.

Along with other farms in the region, the outcomes they were looking for were to increase crop resilience, reduce the effect of salt country, and improve productivity.
The focus for the 2018 crop was across three applications

Including ‘active carbon’ or humic acid with fertiliser inputs like BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill with upfront fertiliser
Introducing biological inoculums to improve early crop establishment and fungal populations using SureCROP VAM Seed Dressing
Integrate balanced foliar nutrition with a unique combination of phosphorus and calcium in one product. such as NutriMAX PhosCal
Here is a round-up of 2018 outcomes in the region:

Oats treated with 2L/ha NutriMAX PhosCal and Liquid Humate 26 and Urea harvested mid-December had minimal shed of oats onto ground after strong wind events in Northam.
Scope barley treated with 2L/ha NutriMAX PhosCal before flag leaf emergence harvested 18-19 Dec did not shed any barley heads on the ground after strong wind events in Goomalling.
Use of ‘active carbon’ (BioMAX Soluble Humate) with fertiliser, plus high rates of SureCROP VAM assisted wheat crop (Mace & Magenta) planted on 12th June. Yield monitor reaching 6.1T/ha.
Use of BioMAX Soluble Humate in salt scald country to germinate and grow barley compared to no humate. No humate struggled to germinate alongside. Plan to trial next year higher rates of BioMAX Soluble Humate e.g. 40-50 kg/ha
Balancing soil with ‘active carbon’ and VAM to reduce wild radish weed pressure.
Results on Non-Wetting Soil:

Non-wetting soil has caused low germination and crop consistency on this paddock (pictured above) near Goomalling WA. Over the past four years crop establishment has improved with the use of SureCROP VAM seed dressing and including ‘active carbon’ with upfront fertiliser – BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill.

The picture below shows a lupin crop grown in the paddock in 2015 with significant root growth and soil attachment to roots.

In following years barley and wheat have germinated successfully on minimal moisture mitigating the risk of poor germination due to non wetting soil.

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