Soil Carbon Regeneration System


About 25 years ago, Adrian Lawrie, founder of LawrieCo, had recognized the value of soil carbon and began adopting new farm practices that focused on rebuilding SOC.

Today LawrieCo offers a complete program to rebuild soil health as well as addressing mineral imbalances in the soil structure. In addition to this there is the option to trade Carbon Credits in the Government ERF scheme. This is facilitated by way of engaging in the LawrieCo Soil Carbon Regeneration System, with easy to use fertilizers and biological stimulants.

So, what is LawrieCo’s Soil Carbon Regeneration System?

LawrieCo’s Soil Carbon Regeneration System is all about delivering a balanced nutritional approach.

It focuses on the main six actions below to increase land productivity, quality of produce, grow soil organic carbon, increased soil water infiltration and water holding capacity.

  1. Mineral Balance
  2. Microbial Balance
  3. Carbon Balance
  4. Biological Inoculants & Stimulants
  5. Biological Nutrition Management
  6. Biological Residue Management

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