NutriMAX Granular Range

High Analysis N P S + Humic and Fulvic Granular Fertiliser

  • Improve Crop Yield, Grain Quality and Soil Carbon as proven in agriculture department, independant and farm trials.
  • Conventional N P K S fertilisers blended with high quality Soluble Humate Prills.
  • Easy handling Soluble Humate Prill blends of 5% (H3), 10% (H5), 15% (H8) or 20% (H10).
  • Conveniently blended. Arrives on farm ready to use.
  • Blends based on MAP / SOA / DAP / Urea + humates.
  • Custom analysis options available, including traces.
  • Humic improves fertiliser efficiency, buffers excess nutrients (sodium) and promotes soil structure and water holding capacity.
  • Humic and fulvic improve nutrient availability and uptake, maximising fertiliser efficiency.
  • Some farmers are experimentating with higher humate concentrations with exceptional results.
  • Combines a humic base with conventional soluble fertilisers to maximise crop potential.
  • Sulphur is important for crop nitrogen uptake.
  • High quality prill for easy application.

Typical Analysis

Various analysis options – Download flyer for details

Note: Blends can be customised to required analysis



Application will depend on crop type, rainfall and nutrient removal.
Broadacre Cropping              50 – 150 kg/Ha
Higher humic % options:   H5, H8, H10
Custom analysis including Humic, Mn, Zn, Cu
Rates may change depending on crop and season. Always consult a LawrieCo consultant or distributor for specific recommendations.

Combine with SureCROP Seed Treatments for optimal crop results.

SureCROP Seed Treatments combine nutrition and biology to stimulate early root growth, root mass and seedling vigour.

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NutriMAX Granular Range Flyer

Further Information

Available in bulk and 1 Tonne bulka bags.

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