Western Australian Demonstration Program

Michael McGill has been conducting an evaluation of this seasons wheat crop in Goomalling WA. In conjunction with Ian Clarke, this is a long-term trial that Michael plans to continue for five years.

     The aim is to demonstrate the difference between a biological program and a conventional program. The biological program integrates BioMAX Soluble Humate Granules and SureCROP VAM seed treatment plus BioMAX MicroLifeKelp Powder and F75 Liquid Fulvic.

     The trial is situated on deep white sand and rainfall has been low this year. Despite the circumstances, Ian and Michael have noticed two standout observations so far.

  • Plant sap brix testing observations show that the control paddock had a brix result of 9, whereas the treated paddock had a brix result of 13. The Brix reading is a standard method for measuring sugar content in an aqueous solution. This means that the treated plants had a higher sugar content as compared to the controlled plants. Sugars have a central regulatory function in steering plant growth. Thus, higher sugar content improves the regulation of protein synthesis, which in turn increases plant productivity. Sugars are used by plants in counteracting common adversities in their natural environment, such as frost. 
  • At this early stage it is already evident that the biologically treated plant has a darker soil texture around the roots in comparison to the seedling taken from the control paddock. (The picture above right shows the plant root comparison, with the treated one on the right and the control on the left).

    Darker soil texture also means that there is higher soil organic matter (SOM). High SOM will improve water holding capacity in non-wetting sands, increase mineral availability and soil organic carbon (SOC) levels.

The above left image shows Michael McGill (left) Ian Clarke (centre) and Rob McGill (right) standing in the treated paddock.

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