Soil Carbon & Boosts Almond Yield

Soil organic carbon is very important for us. Our soil carbon has increased from 0.3% to 1% over 5 years. We have the highest yielding almonds of any commercial Australian orchards. Biological inputs to improve our soils are 20% of our Nutrition budget.’ Dr Narender Pathania

Dr Narender Pathania

With 1600 Ha of almonds under his management, Narender is now a leader in almond productivity. He has achieved industry premium yields with annual new plantings of 400 Ha. When asked to share his success methods, Narender replied. ‘It all starts with Humic Acid.’ Historically, soil organic carbon was not a limiting factor on Mallee sands typical of the soil type where many Australian almond orchards are established. Records of soils from Walpeup DPI Research station back in 1920 matches the current undisturbed virgin Mallee soils, where the soil organic carbon levels were tested to be 2.3% – 2.8%.

Following a century of various farm management methods that have degraded soil organic carbon, Rmonpro Piangil property has increased the soil organic carbon from 0.3% in 2014 to 1% in 2020.

Productivity development at Rmonpro Almond Orchards recognises and actively manages for the
rebuilding of soil organic carbon; biological products are now at least 20% of the Rmonpro budgeted
fertiliser spend.

Soil testing is used as a guide for amendments like Lime, Gypsum, Magnesium, Carbon and
other minerals. The pH balance of minerals is important for soil microbes and is considered
esssential for nutrition management planning.

‘On a 219 Ha site of new almond plantings last year, we dipped our trees pre-planting in a blend of
LawrieCo products including SureCROP VAM and BioMAX Kelp. BioMAX Soluble Humate Granules were
then spread at a rate of 200 kg/Ha on poor sandy soils. My trees in those areas are exceptionally good,
50% bigger than we would expect them to be!’
Dr Narender Pathania

Rmonpro has completed trial work over several years with Lawrieo NutriMAX Phoscal and is
happy to recommend it’s use. NutriMAX Phoscal has contributed to an almond yield increases; to yields
that lead in the commercial almond industry.

‘Phoscal is the No.1 product in our system; we apply 10 litres per hectare annually on our

Learn more about Phoscal here

LawrieCo Area Sales Manager, Rodney Capon has been supporting Narender with recommendations and
utilisation of various Bio-Fertilisers due to his extensive background in regenerative agriculture technology.

This coupled with Rod’s hands on farm management experience continues to assist in improving future

LawrieCo will launch its Soil Carbon Regeneration System in September 2020. This
encompasses the regenerative agriculture methods and carbon offsets reward opportunity for farm
managers. LawrieCo Director Adrian Lawrie nominates “The key reward for primary producers adopting
LawrieCo’s Soil Carbon Regeneration System will always be from increased productivity. Additionally,
under the Federal Government Emissions Reduction Fund, landholders have a further opportunity to
register to receive payments for increasing Soil Organic Carbon levels.”

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