Liquid inject fertilisers, biology & bio-stimulants

LawrieCo’s liquid nutrition products optimise plant yield and health by establishing a strong biological network and healthy root systems.

Popular products in our range of liquid inject nutrition include:

NutriMAX PhosCal Micronised Calcium 26%  Phosphorus 12% Nitrogen 6%  Silica 7%  Boron 1.5% Complexed with Fulvic 2% & Biostimulants

Nutrimax Growth Nitrogen 10%, Phosphorous 7.6%, Potassium 4.5% + Calcium 3% complexed with Biostimulants

BioMAX Boost Kelp Fish Hydrolysate, Fulvic and natural growth hormones.

 BioMAX F75  Super concentrated liquid Fulvic 75%, Powerful chelation and biology stimulant, ensures nutrient efficacy and plant uptake.

BioMAX Piranha, Activated 18% Australian Bull Kelp & North Atlantic Ascophyllum Nodosum, natural plant hormones enhancing growth & building plant resistance to environmental / biological stresses.

HumiPLEX Trace Element range, chelated with fulvic and microbial metabolites to optimise plant uptake and support biological function.

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PHOSCAL Plant Applied Nutrition Delivering

Consistent Crop Yield Increases in Trials.

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By pairing the unique nutrient coupling of calcium & phosphorus in one product, NutriMAX Phoscal -Growers have seen a consistent increase in both crop yield and overall plant health. In general terms a growth nutrient (phosphorus) teamed with plant strengthening nutrient (calcium), means plants respond positively with. The formulation means that each nutrient plays a role in the success of NutriMAX Phoscal.

Key component of LawrieCo Soil Carbon Regeneration Program, for all plants.

Phoscal is one of the key products in LawrieCo’s Soil Carbon Regeneration System, ‘The 6 Steps’, incorporating biological inoculants & stimulants. It’s all part of the science that makes building soil carbon possible. Our 22+ years of Research and Product Development has culminated in a suite of products that support soil carbon regeneration whilst maintaining / boosting the productivity of your enterprise.


• Increase in Fruit Size and Weight

• Greater % of Fruit in higher Export Grade

• Increase Crop Value $4,816 per hectare

• Return $49 Per Nutrient Dollar Invested


• Early flowering response & improved retention in legume & bean crops.

• Reduced fungal disease & insect damage across many crop types.

• Yield gains in broadacre crops.

• Longer produce shelf life in stone fruit & vegetables.


• Phoscal has contributed to an almond yield increases

• Trees in areas treated with Phoscal are exceptionally good, up to 50% bigger than we would expect them to be

PhosCAL requires robust agitation, as a mineral suspension, to avoid blockages – LawrieCo recommends agitating with an Agi-Mate portable agitator for best performance.


BOOST combines Kelp, Fish and Fulvic including natural growth hormones.

It is designed for foliar and fertigation application in all broadacre crops, dairy, pasture, horticulture and viticulture.

The product contains a natural balance of minerals, vitamins, oils, proteins, amino acids and trace elements.

BioMAX F75

Maximise liquid fertiliser nutrient efficiency.


Fulvic’s unique ability to form multiple strong bonds with minerals ensures nutrient efficacy and plant uptake.


Buffer against high salts and other toxicities in water and soil.

BioMAX Piranha

Enhance plant health and fruit quality with potent chelating agents, natural plant hormones and complex sugars


Increase resistance to frost and environmental stresses


Boost yield and quality by improving flowering and fruit set

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LawrieCo 6 Steps

LawrieCo’s Soil Carbon Regeneration System Incorporates biological applied science and regenerative bio fertilisers. It’s the science that makes building soil carbon possible.

LawrieCo’s passion for rebuilding soil carbon dates back to prior to the formation of LawrieCo as a company. Back to the days when the ‘R&D’ to farm sustainably and to build fertility happened on Adrian Lawrie’s broadacre cropping property on the edge of the Flinders Ranges. At this early stage the key drivers for rebuilding soil carbon were its value in building fertility, water-use efficiency and it’s link to improved farm gross margins.

Our 22+ years of Research and Product Development has culminated in a suite of products that support soil carbon regeneration whilst maintaining / boosting the productivity of your enterprise.

Our carbon crediting program is world class connecting growers with rigorous the Federal Government Emission Reduction Fund, ensuring the viability of credits issued.

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