Kingslee Stanley of Stanley Farming is a fourth-generation farmer between Crystal Brook and Port Pirie in the Nurom district and has farmed in this area since he left school.  Both his properties, The Whim and Lauriston have been in his family since the 1900’s when they were first cleared.  He now runs the property with his wife Wendy and their three children.

Kingslee seeds approximately 1400ha of cereals and legumes and has just started using LawrieCo’s Soluble Humate Prill as part of his plant nutrition plan. This was trialled in conjunction with Joe Batten (Account Manager-Agronomy) from KLR Jamestown. Product was trialled in barley crop which was sown in mid to late May in 2020 and harvested in late November 2020. The paddock had a dry June and July and then received an average finish.

Whilst Kingslee admits, there was no visual difference in the crop to the naked eye; a month prior to harvest, the yield monitor results tell a different story. 

The Humate Prills were applied @ 5kg/ha at seeding in conjunction with his starter fertiliser of 70kg/ha of N Rich 22. He then applied a further 5kg/ha of humates with 50kg of urea in crop approximately 2 months later.

The increased yield gave a Return on Nutrient Investment (RONI) of $51.82/ha, the yield increase being 291kg/ha where Kingslee used LawrieCo BioMax Soluble Humate Prill. 

This result is Kingslee’s first involvement using humates in his cropping system, and with this product being a key driver of Carbon building in the soil, he is now exploring further carbon building opportunities for his farm.

For more information on Humate prill click here

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