May Newsletter

May Newsletter 2022 Sowing season is here & end of vintage post harvest fertiliser options Are you ready for this sowing season? With harvest over and sowing underway, high input prices and lack of supply are constraints felt all over Australia. Prices have increased approximately 230% with urea and 170% in DAP and MAP since […]

Turning Sand into Fertile Soil with applied science

David Clayfield has used applied soil science to create fertile, healthy soils from sand, in turn producing healthy pastures and healthy cows. Faced with rising production costs and animal health concerns, David Clayfield made the link that improving soil health – physically, chemically and biologically – could address the cause of animal health and low […]

Integrating Biological Inputs Across WA Wheatbelt

Ian Clarke of Goomalling has been working with LawrieCo Area Manager Rodney Capon in the 2018 season on integrating biologicals into current crop fertiliser inputs with farms across the WA wheatbelt. Along with other farms in the region, the outcomes they were looking for were to increase crop resilience, reduce the effect of salt country, […]

Post Harvest Fertilisers

Most growers are well into harvest now and the end is in sight. The vines and trees have done it tough with extreme conditions this season, and will be looking to replenish their reserves in preparation for next season. Applying post harvest fertiliser is arguably one of the most important and valuable times for plant […]

LawrieCo Teams Up with VNTFA

LawrieCo has just announced a partnership as a platinum sponsor of the Victorian No Till Farming association. This will see LawrieCo join forces with many like-minded farmers who are already using practices like no till and controlled traffic farming in their enterprises today.     “The biological nutrition programs that we offer have a natural […]

Case Study: Transform waterlogged Soil in Cropping at Lismore Vic

Briandra: A SoilsForLife Regenerative Agriculture Case StudyUsing Raised Beds and Beneficial Fungi to Resture Soil HealthCase study prepared by SoilsForLife an Outcomes Australia initiative. Upon learning the links between soil health and waterlogging, Brian and Sandra Wilson concentrated on improving their soils, adopting a technique to improve drainage and biologically managing stubble. By creating raised […]

Western Australian Demonstration Program

Michael McGill has been conducting an evaluation of this seasons wheat crop in Goomalling WA. In conjunction with Ian Clarke, this is a long-term trial that Michael plans to continue for five years.      The aim is to demonstrate the difference between a biological program and a conventional program. The biological program integrates BioMAX Soluble […]